Oct 6, 2019

Sometimes bad things happen.  Luckily, they’re not always your fault.  A client recently had a tree fall in his back yard, damaging his own fence and making a big mess (but no damage) in the neighbor’s yard.  He was surprised to find out that while the company would take care of rebuilding his fence, there isn’t necessarily coverage for the entire clean-up job, since there was no other damage.

Debris removal is included on most policies when it is a part of property restoration.  One important fact to consider is this: your personal liability coverage (on your homeowner’s or renter’s policy) protects you from things you are legally liable for.  You can’t be blamed for an otherwise healthy tree falling down…you’re allowed to grow a tree.  In an extreme example, if that healthy tree were uprooted, flown across town and plopped (safely) in my back yard, I couldn’t hold you responsible…could I?

Need a tree removed from your property?  We recommend working with one of our trusted partners.  Please don’t attempt to do it yourself.  If you must, please take some notes from the following video: